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Affordable High Quality Alternatives To The Products You Love

Don't pay top dollar for the name. Our product quality is just as good for a fraction of the cost.

And you know what that makes it?

Word On The Street

Is that we cant be beat!

These EarPods suprised me! Great sound, microphone and battery life. Specially for the affordable price. A great alternative without the AirPod price tag. Would buy again if these wear out.

Hiram N.

These headphones are really amazing. Virtually identical to Air Buds, at a fraction of the price. Sound quality is awesome, battery life is excellent, and they stay in the ears well (which is usually my main concern with ear buds, being a construction worker). Definitely recommend to anyone who wants a high quality pair of ear buds but doesn't want the hefty price tag of the Air Buds.

Mike H.

love these headphones! Great value, great product. My old wired headphones were no longer working at the gym. Now I can run without bouncing wires and without the distraction. Much cheaper than AirPods while the quality is the same. Received in only a few days. Highly recommend!

Drew H.

I bought a pair for my son. He loves them. They are of high quality and good sound. The earpods were new and came in a sealed package. I highly recommend them and drill probably buy another pair for other family members soon.

Charles P.